Thursday, December 1, 2011

Local Talent - "Dark Nova" Games from Houston

One of the most energetic and impressive groups I worked with at Comicpalooza 2011 Game Expo was the local team for Dark Nova, a sci-fi RPG.  Without me saying much, allow me to post and share the game concept and some about the creator, who will be a guest (with new product, and potentially some powered armor costumes--booyah!--at Comicpalooza 2012).

Dark Nova is a table-top roleplaying game set in the early 24th century. Mankind has spread out amongst the stars, discovered other races, and come face-to-face with its own nature. Centered around the loose coalition of nation-states known as the Terran Alliance of Nations, humanity still fights, engages in political intrigue, and is just as prone to acts of great brutality and nobility as they are today. They are not, however, alone. darknovagames

The universe of Dark Nova is a dynamic--and often dangerous--place; similar in many ways to the 19th century with its combination of heavily-settled civilized Core Worlds and the dangerous Wild-West-like fringe colonies. Pirates, organized crime syndicates, predatory alien races, and good old fashioned internecine warfare threaten the safety of the galaxy. Countering them are the heroic Templars, the independent Freetraders who ply the dangerous spaceways and take the fight to the pirates, the fierce and honourable Ahruga, and the steadfast stubborn determination of colonists and adventurers of many races to fight back the darkness.

The unique rule set and in-depth setting allow the players and the game-master create their own stories, living novels of their own experiences as they let their imaginations run rampant throughout the Dark Nova universe.

The first expansion for the Dark Nova RPG Fortune and Glory is due out in June 2012. It is the first of two major hard-cover expansion books planned for 2012, and expands upon the Dark Nova RPG significantly. Focusing on the wild, fast-and-loose lives of Freetraders and privateers, this book radically expands the world of these roguish occupations. Optional rules for significantly expanding out R&D, Research and Social Networking are included, as are new rules for creating emulators from scratch and ship construction rules for building new vessel designs from the keel-up. Three new optional player races and mountains of new weapons, equipment, vessels and vehicles round out this expansion to the game.

About the creator:

Hailing from The Woodlands, Texas, Breandán Ó Ciarraí is a "proud Gaelic Texan" and military sci-fi writer.
An avid writer from his earliest childhood memories, Breandán got his start on an old-fashioned electric typewriter. He soon moved on to the latest cutting-edge technology (a TRS-80 computer from Tandy) and his writing took off from there. He has been writing on and off since then- authoring articles on technology, criminal justice matters, Gaelic cultural issues and a succession of fantasy short stories.
An avid futurist and a follower of the works of Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking and other cutting-edge scientists, Breandán turned his sights towards innovative and speculative science fiction. He combines these interests with his traditionalist Gaelic cultural background and his experiences as a PMC operator in Iraq and elsewhere to shape the worlds of the Dark Nova universe. As an author, his blend of military science fiction, humor and unapologetic socio-political commentary have been likened to a blend of Heinlein and Eddings.
Currently, he is working on the sequels to the soon-to-be-published Dark Nova novel, The Calling of Heroes, as well as groundwork for an urban fantasy RPG to follow on the success of the Dark Nova Roleplaying Game. As the lead writer and game developer for Dark Nova Games, he has expanded the universe he first established in the novels into the huge, immersive universe of the Dark Nova RPG, which debuted at Comicpalooza in 2011. He plans to repeat this success with the debut of its first expansion Fortune and Glory at Comicpalooza 2012.
Breandán spends his time attempting to write while wrangling an ever-increasing horde of daughters with nicknames such as "Impending Doom II" and "Toddlergeddon", and prying the occasional child-frightened cat off of his head.
Breandán Ó Ciarraí
Author, Dark Nova series
Lead Writer/Developer, Dark Nova Games

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